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Almaden Country School is a special place to serve children and families and share your talents.

Teachers with passion for what they do

We seek teachers who are devoted to young people and to education, who are forthright and upbeat, eager to collaborate with their colleagues, excited to take on multiple responsibilities, and absolutely committed to the belief that a teacher’s role is to discover the gifts in every child.

In return, we offer you highly motivated, courteous, enthusiastic and hard-working students, a dynamic and positive work environment, and supportive, involved parents.

If ACS sounds like your kind of school, please review the opportunities below!

Thank you for your interest in Almaden Country School.

Open Positions

Kindergarten Teacher

Posted June 2017

Position: Kindergarten Teacher, full-time

Effective August 2017

Job Description

Overview: Almaden Country School is seeking a full-time Kindergarten teacher, part of a two-section program with each class comprised of up to 15 children.

The successful candidate will value and support our student-centered teaching philosophy. Our Kindergarten program emphasizes inquiry, creativity, curiosity, problem-solving, and social-emotional learning, in support of pre-academic skill-building. Our Kindergarten teachers maintain a nurturing and joyful learning environment, which continues as a priority across the grade levels as we strive to help children discover their gifts.

Teachers at Almaden Country School are expected to be highly collaborative, teaming with colleagues to meet individual needs of the students. Essential to a Kindergarten candidate’s success will be an understanding of the developmental stages of young children, and how these influence student choice and agency. Additionally, the successful candidate will demonstrate examples of intentionality in building relationships with students, parents, and colleagues.

The successful applicant will also provide evidence of high personal and professional standards, written and verbal communication ability, and eagerness to grow as a teacher.

  • Familiarity with current best practices in early childhood education
  • Demonstrated ability to engage with young children and to value their developmental readiness in various situations
  • A focus on nurturing relationships with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Willingness and ability to work with other teachers in planning and preparing materials and activities
  • Demonstrated competence in Conscious Discipline (Becky Bailey)
  • Demonstrated ability to remain calm and receptive to children during periods of conflict
  • Demonstrated commitment to a collaborative work style
  • Personal characteristics: passion for working with young children, patience, optimism, flexibility, joyfulness, focus on positive
  • Availability for frequent parent-teacher conferences and other parent meetings often scheduled outside the school day
  • Evidence of a desire for ongoing professional growth
  • Proficiency with basic technology skills
  • Willingness to carry out other duties and responsibilities outside of the classroom, as is expected of all faculty


  • Evidence of successful teaching experience with early childhood or primary-aged children
  • Familiarity with kindergarten curricula, instructional strategies appropriate to the kindergarten learner, and developmental pedagogy
  • Demonstrated commitment to a collaborative work style
  • Technological literacy
  • Personal characteristics: passion for children, optimism, sense of humor, flexibility, patience, dedication


  • Teaching experience, three (3) or more years
  • Teacher certification or comparable (e.g. Master’s in early childhood education)

Overview of Almaden Country School:
Almaden Country School is an independent, preschool through 8th grade school located in the Almaden Valley of San Jose. The school's mission is to “discover the gifts in every child.” ACS promotes the belief that children learn best when instruction is age-appropriate, highly individualized, and joyful.

We serve about 350 students, with an average of 17 students per class. Our students graduate prepared to succeed in rigorous high school coursework, but characterized by their desire to get involved in all aspects of school life, from fine and performing arts, to clubs, to speech and debate, to athletics, robotics, and more. It is not unusual for half of the students in an ACS graduating class to be accepted into high school with academic distinction or honors placement. Approximately 20 percent of the student body receives tuition aid.

The versatility of our alumni is by design. ACS strives to develop well-rounded young people, with all students taking art, drama, foreign language, physical education, music, and in the middle school, many choices for elective classes. The school’s signature enrichment programs, hands-on science featuring an outdoor classroom, a robust integrated technology program and coding at all grade levels, and a strong fine and performing arts program all contribute to the emphasis on whole-child instruction at ACS.

Our parents are very committed to the school and follow the progress of their children carefully. Teachers are held to high expectations for meeting the needs of our children and families and work cooperatively with parents at all times.

We seek teaching candidates who are well versed in developmental pedagogy and differentiated teaching methods, and who are committed to providing individualized attention to our students and parents. A collaborative work style and a receptive attitude toward cooperative efforts are required in our small school.

For more information about Almaden Country School, candidates are encouraged to visit our website at www.almadencountryschool.org.

If you are a dynamic and caring educator, passionate about children, and prepared to work with amazing young people and wonderful peers, please contact us.

To apply:

Send a cover letter and résumé to crobb@a-cs.org


Cecilia Robb, Assistant Head of School
Almaden Country School
6835 Trinidad Drive
San Jose, CA 95120

Finalists will be asked to teach a demonstration lesson, participate in a faculty-led interview, and submit a writing sample.

Contact: Cecilia Robb, Assistant Head, Early Childhood & Elementary, crobb@a-cs.org

Interviews for open positions begin immediately and remain open until filled.

Part-Time Chief Financial Officer

Almaden Country School seeks a part-time (50%) Chief Financial Officer. The position will start in November 2017 to overlap with the existing CFO until he retires at the end of the year.

The following duties are anticipated to comprise the majority of the part-time CFO’s job responsibilities.

  • Prepare annual budget
  • Prepare annual tuition recommendation
  • Maintain long range strategic financial model
  • Prepare annual benchmark survey through ISBOA (Controller may be involved)
  • Review and analyze monthly financial statement (Controller will prepare)
  • Provide annual audit support
  • Financial aid review and processing
  • Facilities issues: coordinate repairs, improvements, maintenance with Business Manager and/or Controller
  • Consult as needed with Tech Committee
  • Benefit support (annual open enrollment; work with outside provider on benefit plans
  • Oversee 401K Plan trustee matters (serve as a Plan trustee)
  • Available for questions related to personnel matters/legal considerations
  • Draft annual letters of employment for all employees
  • Maintain relationship with liability insurance broker and annual updates of coverage
  • Maintain banking relationship with First Republic Bank
  • Assist on investment matters
  • Maintain relationship with San Jose Unified School District
  • Manage matters for future debt considerations
  • Continuation of support as CFO to Board of Trustees’ Finance and Campus committees; establish and maintain regular contact with the Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Capital campaign support: manage contracts with multi-year contributors; coordination and collection multi-year gifts
  • Manage the draw down of debt for financing the Campus Master Plan (CMP) phases
  • Negotiate the construction contract(s) for the CMP
  • Monitor/manage the State of California DSA permitting process
  • Manage the primary construction contractor
  • Monthly Board meeting attendance, including annual Board retreat in October
  • Weekly senior admin team meetings
  • Supervise Business Office staff (Controller, Accounting Specialist, Business Manager, System Administrator, custodial team)
  • Authorized check signer

For information, contact Olaf Jorgenson, Head of School, at ojorgenson@a-cs.org or (408) 997-0424 x 224.

Substitute Teachers

Posted: February 5, 2017

Job Description

Almaden Country School is seeking early childhood, elementary, and middle school substitute teachers. Substitutes must have some classroom experience. Core classes include language arts/literature, math, and social studies; specialists teach science, PE, art, music, French, and Spanish. Lesson plans will be available.


At times, teachers know in advance that they will be absent, and at other times, there is no advanced notice. Substitutes are not expected to be available at all times. Additionally, substitutes are invited to clarify which grades and content areas they prefer teaching. The school day is from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Qualities We Seek

The key to success at Almaden Country School is an understanding and appreciation of children’s developmental stages and a deliberate focus on building relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. All teachers, including substitutes, are expected to interact with students in a respectful and nurturing way.

All faculty and staff, including substitutes, demonstrate high personal and professional standards, communication ability, and eagerness to grow. Substitutes will enjoy the same respect as shown to our faculty, and will value a cooperative learning environment in which colleagues work together for the benefit of the students.

  • Substitutes teaching in our preschool and junior kindergarten classes must have a minimum of 12 ECE units, as required by the State of California
  • Teaching credentials are preferred, and not required
  • Demonstrated success in working with Early Childhood, elementary, and/or middle school students
  • Demonstrated ability to interact with students in a respectful, joyful, and nurturing way
  • Willingness and ability to follow lesson plans, as left by the teacher
  • Ability to be flexible and adjust plans, per the needs of the students at a given time
  • Understanding of the benefits of teaching 21st Century Skills, including teamwork, creativity, problem solving, curiosity, ethics, and resilience

Compensation: $160/day

Overview of Almaden Country School
Almaden Country School is an independent, preschool through 8th grade private school located in the Almaden Valley of San Jose. The school's mission is to "discover the gifts in every child." ACS promotes the belief that children learn best when instruction is age-appropriate, highly individualized, and joyful.

Many of our substitute teachers are an important part of our school community. Some have joined our faculty having demonstrated exceptional performance.

If you are a dynamic and caring educator, passionate about children, and prepared to work with amazing young people and wonderful peers, please contact us.

To apply, send cover letter and resume to Cecilia Robb at crobb@a-cs.org or:

Cecilia Robb, Assistant Head of School
Almaden Country School
6835 Trinidad Dr.
San Jose, CA 95120

Interviews for open positions begin immediately and remain open until filled.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Almaden Country School employs individuals of different ages, genders, races, ethnicities, physical and mental abilities and conditions, creeds, and lifestyles, and values the unique background of each employee. Almaden Country School will not discriminate (or tolerate discrimination by its employees or others) against any applicant or employee based on race, color, creed, sex (including gender, and pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions), religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, protected medical condition including genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other category protected under applicable federal, state, or local law.

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