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Parent Service Auxillary

Hello, and welcome to Almaden Country School and to the Parents’ Service Auxiliary, or PSA.

The PSA is comprised of parents, and as president of the PSA and parent to two ACS students, I’m happy to be leading an organization that is key to fostering community life here at ACS. Our events and services develop camaraderie among parents, staff, and students — the entire ACS community.

  • For families, we provide opportunities to socialize at special events, including the Pumpkin Carving Festival and the New Family Ice Cream Social.
  • For teachers and staff, we build morale with teacher luncheons and the Holiday Staff Celebration.
  • Among students, we develop community spirit through parties and events, such as 2nd grade’s Pioneer Day, Kindergarten’s Buffalo Hunt, or the middle school socials.

We bring the entire school together at my favorite event, the Thanksgiving Feast, when we organize and assist students and staff in cooking a meal that’s served on the blacktop to 500 people. And finally, we bring everyone together — students, staff, and families — to events that everyone can enjoy, including the Lemonade Party, the Fun Run, Sports’ Day, and ASSETS.

The whole purpose of the PSA is to build community.

If you’re new to Almaden Country School, please join us at these events and please help to make them happen. Choose your favorites and get involved. You’ll find warm smiles, lots of dedicated parents and staff, and a lot of appreciative kids.

If you have have any questions or are looking for ways to get involved, seek me out or any of the other PSA board members. We’ll be visible at Back to School events in our bright red shirts.

I love that my role as PSA president is helping people find ways to organize and implement dozens of events and activities for ACS students, parents and staff. It seems like a pretty good gig to me.

Thanks in advance for making all this happen, and for helping to build our Almaden Country School community.


Sharon Kornhaus

PSA President

PSA Sponsors Events such as Thanksgiving Feast

PSA Board

Sharon Kornhaus, President
Zena Olsen, Treasurer
Helga Mispelblom Beyer, Board Administrator
Trish Cook, Fundraising
Kimberly Ahlgren, Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer Fusilero, iVolunteer
Julie Geissman, Head Room Parent, Middle School
Katie Lake, Head Room Parent, Elementary
Syma Latif, Head Room Parent, ECE
Kristen Spencer, Service Coordinator

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